Sales Mastery: qSales is a mastery system for high-performance selling and customer service. qSales is an advanced methodology of principles and tools that will allow almost anyone to step into true sales mastery. qSales challenges, sales people to ask powerful questions and use high-performance conversations to drive breakthrough sales results.

Cognitive Sales: qSales is a cognitive model for high performance sales. This program was developed from more than 40 years of cognitive research. It focuses the latest brain science into a simple set of proven tools and procedures that can be mastered rapidly.

Trust is the foundation: qSales trust building model was developed naturally through observation feedback and experiential modeling of what works in selling. qSales is a model of the mind and a how people naturally achieve trust when they are in a high performance selling state.

qSales Mastery is tested and proven: Sales Mastery has been tested in hundreds of thousands of conversations over the past 20 years. Sales Mastery is integrated for the needs of buyers and sellers and it has used in many industries to increase sales results. This selling model has been proven in both B2C consumer sales and B2B enterprise business environments. This approach is especially effective with high-value intangible or abstract products and services.

qSales System: This is a complete selling system. The approach presets a very fresh set of ideas that will have you look at your sales process in a new way. All stages of the selling process have been integrated into simple a practical tools.

Hands-on: This training is very hands-on and practical. We will spend most of the day working on real selling conversations and getting into the details of how to increase your effectiveness as a sales person. The practical tools will link back to the overall system to provide a strong conceptual understanding.

Team Sales Culture: The team goal is to develop a strong culture of continuous learning and development that drives high-performance results.