We Make Speed:

Fast or Die: We live in the age of accelerating change. Every organization must shift to meet the changing market conditions and accelerating competition. Most organizations will not be able to do this and many will stagnate or disappear. The ability to rapidly change strategy, capability, mindset and culture is most critical predictor of survival for all 21st century companies. All companies change, but most will change too slowly. The most critical element for business success is speed.

Change is Slow: Most company leaders are stuck in the world of business as usual. They will agree that changing the direction of the company is hard and slow. Leaders are slow to adapt to new strategic demands. Managers are slow to implement new business processes. For those stuck in slow, shifting this mindset seems impossible.

You Need Business Results: You cannot wait for another long and slow business change initiative that never seems to get going. People resist change. You can tell them what to do, but they don’t seem to listen. In the end, the only thing that matters is the bottom line numbers. You need to quickly achieve a real change that can be measured with real actions and results that will increase the numbers you need.

Strategic Breakthrough On Demand: In the age of accelerating competition, you cannot wait to adapt to changing markets conditions. You need to drive strategic leadership and high performance on a continuous basis. The enterprise must become fast and agile. This is the core promise of the qDrive project enterprise transformation system.