The Business Challenge

The New Normal: All business is governed by the new normal of accelerating change, expanding complexity and increasing volatility. You must define the next strategic transformation or risk falling behind.

Too Much Strategy: A effective next strategy is a critical first step in any breakthrough program. Unless the executive team can see a clear path to success they will not fully engage. The problem is how to find the best strategy.  The world is full of great ideas for improving your business results. You can read the Harvard Business Review or hire McKinsey Consulting. You will end up with a lot of strategy. Most companies are drowning in too much strategy. There are too many great ideas. Everyone thinks their great idea is the best. People get attached to their strategy and this leads to a push and pull between conflicting points of view. The change process gets stuck. The real challenge is not coming up with a great strategy, but getting the team to align.

Strategic Transformation Comes from Within: Before a leadership team can align on the strategy, they must go through the hard part. They must address the current state and work through all the options to focus on a systematized strategic model. Finding the strategic focus to rally around, is the heart of the qDrive transformation process. Unless the team collectively engages in this process they will not own the strategy as a group. Unless they fully identify with the plan, they will not have the strength to face the challenges of implementation. Alignment is the scarce resource, not strategy.


Change is Hard: Most business leaders operating with an agreement that organizational change is hard. When you look at your company, there seems to be a lot of evidence to support point of view. People complain a lot, while avoiding ownership of solutions. There seems to be a lack of talent, budget and time. People fight over scarce resources. Groups and silos complain about each other and avoid collaboration. The long term big picture strategy is forgotten as people scramble to meet short term KPIs and deadlines. As the business cycle accelerates, stress and pressure increase which makes the change even more complex.

Icing on a Mud Cake: When most companies try to introduce a change program on top of all this, nothing much happens. Imagine you bake a cake using only dirt and mud. You can put the most beautiful decorations on the cake, but everyone will know the cake is still made of mud. Some people will even eat the cake to prove they are a “team player”. They will smile, say yes and pretend to like it. Unless you address the current state and root cause, you will simply end up with more fake happiness and even lower engagement.