Unstoppable Executive Alignment:

Enterprise transformation begins with executive team alignment. Almost every group of executives will say that they are fully aligned as a team. However, in most companies, each executive will advocate their set of own strategic priorities. By default, they will compete over a limited supply of time, energy and strategic focus. This kind of competitive strategic log-jam is the default state of most executive teams in most companies. Strategic confusion naturally increases over time, as the rate of change and the competitive market forces accelerate.

Strategy is NOT alignment: In contrast, executive team alignment is completely different. When an executive team is fully aligned on a single strategic goal they will naturally move into high-performance. When they are 100% committed to a single goal, engagement, passion and business results become automatic.

The qDrive team are elite global specialists in executive team alignment. qDrive has developed the fastest methodology for guiding a group of executives into alignment around a single vision or business objective. Executive team alignment is the core of every enterprise transformation program.

Business Results First:

Almost every consulting, training, coaching or leadership company will say that they are focused on business results. However, in practice, they tend to be very focused on their own methodology, process, tools and ideas. While there are many great tools and ideas in the world, they will almost never lead directly to the business results.

In contrast, qDrive gives executive and managers a hands-on focus on solutions and projects that drives direct business results. The qDrive process is specifically designed to be completely transparent. Key business leader develop a laser focus on removing the obstacles that block business results. qDrive embeds a business breakthrough system into the kind of normal business conversations that executives have every day.