Program Levels:

qDrive uses a multi-layered approach to quickly touch people across an organization. This will include: Each layer of the organization has different needs and requires different resources. Each program is tailored to provide the exact resources required for each group. This focused approach, ensures a cost effective program delivery and a high ROI on the investment of time and energy.


High Performance Systems: At the management level, qDrive is a high performance system that offers leading edge management and leadership tools and skills. This is an efficient, high impact process that quickly spreads high performance behaviors and actions throughout an organization. qDrive systems are practical. Most managers and leaders immediately implement the tools and continue to develop their skills. These systems and skills are delivered through high impact intensive and ongoing programs. qDrive programs are extremely efficient with an immediate return on the investment of time. This offers that fastest way to spread high performance behaviors and actions throughout an enterprise. The qDrive core transformation system that can be quickly deployed across an enterprise.


Program levels: Essentially a qDrive Enterprise Transformation is 4 interlinked programs running at 4 levels in the organization:

Enterprise Transformation Level – Needs, Tracking, Results: The transformation project must begin with a clear understanding of the current state and project goals and needs. We must develop a tracking system. We must link to the big picture results of the company.

Executive Team Level –  Strategy, Team Alignment, Missioning: The team still faces challenges to be fully align as a team. It is a critical first step to support everyone to rally around the core strategic focus. They need to see the company as a complete system in which all parts need to work together to deliver the vision. The complete strategic model must align all the parts and projects in the company.

Individual Executives Level – Vision, Becoming Strong, Leadership Skills: Most executive will begin to become very strong at using the qDrive system to drive their results. There will always be some executives who are confused or resisting the process. This takes time, as the strongest people will have to tell their success stories and demonstrate their results, before the others will really buy-in and shift their day-to-day behaviors. As the early adopters get stronger and stronger, the people who are resisting, will inspired to get on board.


Management Team Level: Leadership skills Communication Implementation. At the Management level, an intensive qDrive skills program will typically generate a strong response. This will need to supported to build momentum. Getting the ideas and tools into use in every day team conversations will begin to accelerate the strategic transformation and business results. Once there is traction at the executive level, there is a high ROI for this kind manager level skill development.

Functional Teams  Real Projects, qTeam Skills, Collaboration: Running qTeam session in functional teams is an ideal way for leaders and managers to see the qDrive system working in a real project implementation context.