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Domob Mobile Network

Enterprise Transformation Program                                                                                                                         

Domob is a high-growth Mobile Advertising company in China. In fall 2016, they engaged the qDrive Institute in an Executive Leadership Enterprise Transformation program.

The Challenge: Domob faced many of the same challenges as other high-growth technology companies in China; changing market conditions, intense competition and pressure to produce KPIs and revenue targets. Domob had a new CEO and leadership team that needed better collaboration and integration. The company requested a Enterprise Transformation program to assist the new team to integrate as a team, drive business results and develop strong management and leadership skills.

Needs Analysis: The qDrive team met with the CEO and key leaders to get a clear picture of the needs for the breakthrough program and discuss the company goals and challenges for 2017. The qDrive team conducted collaborative team sessions with executive teams to develop a breakthrough strategy for a key technology project and to warm-up the executives to the qDrive team and process.

SAP Labs China – SpeedFluency

Challenge: Develop a High-Performance culture of communication and collaboration. SAP is a global organization that is using the Velocity system to accelerate the communication and collaboration of teams and projects in China, India and Europe. The English Fluency Breakthrough program for SAP Labs Shanghai demonstrates a powerful mix of language learning, business communication and motivation.

Program: SpeedFluency – Velocity English Fluency
Program Size:  2014 Participants: 92, 2015 Participants: 185
Locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Nanjing
Results:  18% to 89% Jump in English Fluency

“I have to say this program blew my mind. I have a whole new level of power and confidence in my work.” Derek Yang, SAP Labs, China

The 2015 survey of 250 graduates at SAP demonstrated a jump from 18 to 89% of program graduates who reported feeling comfort and confidence speaking English. Participants also reported higher levels of work and career engagement. SpeedFluency is a complete system that has been tested and proven with thousands of people over the past 24 years.

“We realized after that pilot program that if we could get a lot more employees to demonstrate that level of passion it would transform our business. We have seen a huge increase in the quality of international communication in the
past 2 years.”Amy Dong, HR Director, SAP Labs China