Assessment Drives Performance

What is human intelligence? In the 1950’s phycologists attempted to define human intelligence into a single Intelligence Quotient number or IQ score. In the modern world the idea of a single IQ score now seems misguided. People express intelligence in many unique ways. Recently the idea of Emotional Intelligence or EQ has become very popular. Emotional Intelligence is a critical counter-balance to the cold logical view of intelligence. However, we must step beyond IQ or EQ to reach the next level of high-performance. Whatever we measure becomes stronger.

Human thinking potential is much more than logic or emotion. We live in an age of accelerating complexity and change. Dealing with change requires rapid flexibility and adaptation of thinking and skills. Dealing with complex challenges requires fresh solutions and insight. Great business leaders think beyond short term solutions. Business Intelligence requires seeing past the data and numbers to get key insights. We live in the age that requires continuous transformation. How can we measure thinking outside the box?

Meta: above, beyond, outside, a Greek prefix
Quotient: to divide and measurement
MetaQ: a transformational measurement of the ability to think outside of the current mindset

Transformational Assessment: MetaQ is a model of the common business thinking habits and skills. MetaQ is based on 40 years of observational research. MetaQ is a business leadership assessment process. MetaQ embeds high-performance transformation into a simple assessment system, that is fully integrated into the qDrive enterprise transformation system.

The Problem of Assessment: Assessment is a key tool for understanding the current state of an organization. Traditional Assessment systems, such as MBTI and DISC focus on individual personality types. Personality types can provide insight. However, most people view the results with a problem focus, which makes them resist change. A lack of simple developmental behaviors in the assessment process can push people into a corner. HR mangers may like the assessment data, but the overall result can reduce engagement.

Drive Behavior Change: The MetaQ assessment system provides individual and team insights that will drive behaviors that will result in breakthrough project success. Managers and leaders focus their attention on a small group of actions and behaviors that will drive project results and reach their next level of performance. This makes the assessment follow up process easy to implement in small day-to-day action steps.