Program Ownership:


You do the work. We make it happen: The transformation program must be owned by the executives and internal support team. It is critical to note that while the qDrive team may directly deliver many transformational results, the primary program value comes from empowering the leadership team to continue this process independently. The aim of every Enterprise Transformation program is to provide a short and focused breakthrough program and then leave the leadership team with a continuous transformation capability that they will maintain independently.


How we do Q:

  1. First we do it for you: Our team of highly profession experts will act as consultants to get the program going. We show you how enterprise transformation works and set up the system.
  2. Then we do it with you: We facilitate the senior executives to use the system with real projects produce results. Once the business leaders see it working they get fully engaged and model the process.
  3. Then we train you to do it yourself: Hands on experiential training allows for rapid skill transfer.
  4. Then you do it and we support you: We shift to a tracking and support role. Ongoing follow-up and support is the key to full adoption.
  5. Then you do it and your community supports you: Building a long term sustainable company transformation capacity requires a strong internal support community.
  6. Then it becomes natural and automatic: As the skills and mindset become embedded in the day to day habits

Powered by Q: Everything links back to the Q system. qDrive is a leadership mastery system allows busy managers to quickly produce business results in real projects. qDrive uses simple questions that drive day-to-day high performance business results. Managers have limited time and need to see results right away. The simple qDrive questions can be used everywhere, from casual day-to-day chit-chat to formal business planning. Because the questions are used in real projects to produce results, the questions quickly “stick” in the mind and become habits. Each question triggers a key conversation area, that naturally builds toward situational leadership mastery. The qDrive system is the quickest way to create a culture of high performance in a company.

Strategic HR Partnership: The aim of a qDrive program is not to replace traditional HR functions like organizational development, change management or leadership training. The qDrive team will form an active partnership to upgrade the value and impact of these roles. An enterprise transformation program requires strong internal support. The qDrive team will work with the internal enterprise transformation support staff to form a unified program delivery team. On the company side, this should include staff key leaders and and executive sponsors and internal support staff. On the qDrive side, this should include the qDrive program leader, key delivery staff and a program coordinator. This team should meet and correspond throughout the program to maintain the program effectiveness.