3 Transformation Layers:


3x Transformation: qDrive Enterprise Transformation is 3 overlapping programs that take place in a series of monthly sessions:

1 – Strategic Transformation: Executives are practical. Unless they can see a clear process for delivering a real breakthrough in their business results, they will not fully engage in any transformation program. The first stage of any program is to work with the executive team to come up with a set of real projects that will begin to deliver a strategic transformation in the company’s business results. They need to see a vision of the desired state to engage.

2 – Passion & Energy: Once the executive team begins to engage in the strategic transformation process, they will naturally experience a small increase in passion and energy. The team will start to align and become more energetic. As the executives use the system to generate business results this process will accelerate. Some of the executive will see more results and naturally become champions.

3 – Leadership Transformation Skill Set: Once the executive see that the transformational management approach is working they will get very interested in mastering the tools and skills. Enterprise Transformation actually takes place in the day-to-day grind of using the tools to implement real projects. As the build transformational capacity the program will build momentum.

Loop 6 times: A typical Enterprise Transformation program will roll out over 6-8 months. Each month the executive team will loop around the transformation circle once. The first few months will be challenging, as it takes some time to get clear on the strategy and get settled into the process. However, as the executive team reaches alignment, the business result ROI on their investment of their time and energy will start to accelerate. This will generate the momentum needed to reach the rest of the upper and middle management levels.